Sunday, 9 August 2009

On line Earning

Shri swami samartha

Good morning.
I am taking some time today to review my on line earning activities.
This is what Stephen Covey called :"Sharpening of Saw ".
So what is my objective in doing this exercise ?
To take a total review of my attempts at on line earning.
benfit ?
To carry out SWOT analysis
Why ?
To be more effective
What is the meaning of effectiveness ?
The ability to achieve what has been planned.
So what have I planned ?
To be able to sustain myself only though on line earning.
Have I defined any targets for this ?
yeah I have defined.
( But I want to keep it to myself)

Why this review at this stage ?
Since I am doing lots of web activities , then I must know whether I am achieving what I have planned .
What is my inner desire ?
To be able to sustain
Why ?
As I grow in age, my external activies might reduce.
if I have developed online work,then I can fallback on this income.
So now let me start te review of my activities

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