Friday, 2 October 2009

My Gratitude,Leeds

Thank you so much.
Never felt that I was new here.
Never even once felt that I was a foreigner here.
All the time I had the feeling that I have visited Leeds long time ago.
May be in my earlier birth.
Difficult to digest ?
Can't my self explain this thought.
Lovely place to stay.
We came during the right climate.
All sun shine.
Warm days.
Never spoilt any program due to rains.
Not once do I remember having got disturbed on my way due to incessant rainfalls.
Loved walking.
Did lots of shopping.
Most important was that at Leeds, I got a few articles published on web.
Nice to be here,Leeds with you.
You were quite homely to all of us.
It was just like my native place.

Thank you so much for the ambience, for the lovely sun shine, for the people, for shopping experiences ,for the writing experience, for the publishing pleasures , for the trip to Europe , for the tour to London , for the Outing to Edinburgh.

Stay here was very active all the time.

Words fail me today.
It has been exactly 104 days stay here.
10+31+31+30+ 2 = 104th day today.

we are departing on the 105th day ,tomorrow.
So in total, it was exactly a 108 days oversea tour.

Thanks to every one at Leeds.
Thanks to every one who came in contact during this 108 days period.
Either on line or in person.

It was due to all of you that our stay was amazing over here.
Words fail me to express my feelings.


see you once more, Leeds.
bye bye

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